Should You Use Uber?

Even if you own your own vehicle, there may be times when you need alternative transportation. You may be traveling and far away from your beloved Ford. Or you may need transportation to and from the airport. In the past, taxi drivers were the only real choice. But in the last few years Uber drivers have become a growing trend and alternative to transportation such as cabs, etc.  Some even use Uber on a regular basis, while many may hesitate or feel unsure about it. 

You may the person driving trustworthy? Safe? Stress free? There have been a few negative Uber situations across the nation, and that right there can turn you off completely to the idea of ever using the service. But wait. There's always one negative to pull away from the many positives, right? Everything great has their downfalls from time to time.

My husband has been curious about Uber as we have considered using it in an upcoming trip, but we are so nervous, mainly because we will have 3 precious girls with us. It's just not that easy.

I decided to go on the Uber website and look around. You can sign up to ride with Uber or simply sign up to be a driver. Is it that easy? Sure it's cost effective, but is it safe?

I decided to look up reviews on to see what people are saying. So far there is a satisfaction rating of 1 star out of 5 and a handful of negative reviews and experiences.  

I may need to contact Uber directly to get a break down of how drivers are selected and work with customers.  I just don't know if I am brave enough to even try paying for an Uber driver to drive me around town. 

What are your thoughts? Is Uber really safe? Feel free to share your experiences with us.

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