2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Madison WI

2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

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New 2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid at Kayser Ford for Madison, WI

A jack-of-all trades, the 2017 C-Max has the functionalityand size to fit your every need. The Ford C-MAX is a large sized hybridhatchback with an upscale interior and great handling. This multi-activityvehicle is easy to maneuver but large enough to handle tasks that typicallyonly large vehicles would dare to take on. Its hybrid qualities give itdrastically improved fuel economy while its regenerative braking system meansit doesn't have to be plugged in. Equipped with a number of functionalfeatures, the C-MAX has a great amount of utility. The Ford C-max Hybrid is aone-of-a-kind experience, a well-struck balance between, size, handling, andcapability.

Under the C-MAX Hybrid's Hood

The 2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid is powered by the combination ofa 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor powered by alithium-ion battery pack. Together they generate 188 horsepower and are coupledwith a continuously variable automatic transmission. The lithium-ion batterythat powers the electric engine is recharged when the gasoline engine is beingused and is supplemented by regenerative braking system. This system makes itso the C-MAX Hybrid doesn't need to be plugged in. The C-MAX Hybrid also comesstandard with a Gauge with EcoGuide, which helps to better monitor thevehicle's fuel economy as well as the driver's own habits in regards to thevehicle's efficiency. The SmartGauge system comes with a brake coach feature toimprove the driver's braking technique to get the most out of the regenerativebraking.

Design of Ford C-MAX Hybrid

The C-MAX Hybrid comes equipped with a number of neatfeatures that add to the comfort and utility in an already uniquely dexterousvehicle. Standard at the base level are automatic headlights, cruise control,intermittent wipers, 17-inch alloy wheels, 10-way power driver seat, clothseating, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Some high-tech inclusions are the Sync voice command system andsmartphone app integration. For even more upgrades, the Titanium trim level addsto more standard features: rain-sensing wipers, puddle lamps, push-buttonstarting, nine-speaker Sony audio system, leather upholstery, and remote start.Add-ons are also available at different trims with a variety of packages. Someimpressive options include heated outside mirrors, a panoramic glass roof, apowerlift gate, and voice controlled navigation among many other features.

How Fuel Efficient is the Ford C-MAX Hybrid?

The EPA estimates the Ford C-MAX Hybrid will get up to 40 MPG.

Where can I go to schedule service?

You can schedule service right on our website. Schedule Service Here!

Where can I find the trade-in value of my vehicle?

We have a "Value My Trade" page to help you determine that. Value My Trade!


The Ford C-MAX Hybrid comes equipped with traditional safetyfeatures like, antilock brakes, driver knee, front side and full-length sidecurtain airbags as well as traction and stability control. In addition to thesetactile offerings, a rearview camera, 911 assist, MyKey, and daytime runninglight all come standard as well. If parking is also a concern, Rear parkingsensors, which optimize the driver's ability to parallel park, are optional atsome trim levels and standard on others. The Ford C-MAX Hybrid fulfills aunique, niche role which allows it to handle like a smaller vehicle and performlike a larger one. Upscale interior and a sleek exterior give it a sense ofstyle while the 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor makeit fuel efficient. Whether you're transporting cargo or passengers, the 2017Ford C-MAX Hybrid can come specially equipped for your specific needs.

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